About Me


I started building websites back when the internet was young, before everyone who could hack a MySpace theme thought they were designers. Back when Netscape Navigator dominated and a 14.4 modem made you the envy of all your peers. Back when you'd rely on a webring footer to find cool new sites on the internet because search engines sucked. So yeah, get off my lawn, lol.

A college education and a little freelance work brought about my first real gig at an online marketing agency doing SEO (search engine optimization) work. Like most people that work in SEO, I stumbled in to it because I had an interest in marketing as well as web design/development. I did agency SEO work for three years before moving in-house as a LAMP stack web developer and SEO at a laboratory equipment company. Through a combination of hard work and good opportunities, I eventually became vice president of that company. From there I moved back into agency life and built an SEO department from scratch.

Given the prevalence of Javascript in modern web architecture, I'm enrolled in Bootcamp to get up-to-date on JS so that I can apply those skills as I lead teams of search engine optimization specialists and conversion rate optimization specialists in my current role. On this site you can find some of my coursework and projects.